Escort cosworth Engine +190e=450bhp

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Dec 21, 2005
190e 1.8 (190e 2.3 16v)
Mercedes Benz 190E Sportline DTM Cosworth

This car started its life in Germany, when a man bought it new in 1987. The man, however, wasn't the least interested in its original specs, and sent the car straight to Roland Asch. Described as a known DTM-racer and supposably also engineer of God's mercy. He constructed and monted a modified DTM-rear suspension from a 2,5-16 EVO2.

After this he sent the car to engine constructor Suhe Motorsport, who on the owners commands,ditched the original motor and replaced it with a Cosworth engine. At this point the dream of an anonymous speed machine was realised.
At least on paper. The car had at this stage cost the owner his shirt, but he didn't get the expected payment for all his spending. At first the engine got problems with overheating, which the engine constructor never managed to solve. Then the car got ran into from behind and was so on reduced from a speed devil to a parked manikin of which the owner wanted to get rid of.

It was later bought by a Norwegian, Vidar Hansen, whom already on his way home discovered the solution to its overheating problem; Bugs! Top half of the radiator was covered with them. A quick exchange of the grill, and the problem was fixed. Unforunately that wasn't all. They had also mounted the sump wrong way and forgot to move the oil pick up. The result was an overheated engine with bad lubrication. It ain't always pretty what a professional engine builder gets paid for!

These things doesn't stop Hansen however. You see, Hansen is an enthusiast, or even beyond that; a nutter! He sent the car to an english engine builder, Michael Lowman with Lowman-Jones. Among their specialties, Cossie-engines. Michael milled and grinded the intakes, and also added a Garrett-turbo, high caliber.

Hansens philosofy is quite simpel: One cannot have to much power!

The air in the compression chamber expands with help from water injection, which means higher pressure in the cylinder. This results in an even larger and more refined explosion. There are also two steel tanks in the boot, one for secret fuel-mixtures, the other is dry sump. The last one is there to collect every drop of oil and then send it straight back where it belongs; the engine.

A look under the car reveals the exhaust system, three inches in diameter, stainless steel and made by an exhaustguru who has dedicated his life to all the right bends for optimum backpressure.

The car has also got an anti-lag function, activated by a button inside it. This device maintains turbopressure when the throttle is released.


Left container: dry sump
Right container: Secret fuel mixtures. Towing bracket? No, brake-parachute

The gearbox isn't quite up there with the rest of the car though. At least not yet. After dropping one already, he had installed a 300D gearbox. A tip from the journalist immediately makes him call a friend who has a spare BMW M3 six speed gearbox. After a few quick measurings he discovers that it fits and voila, he's got himself an M3 gearbox!

All in all this makes the car able to do 0-100 km/h in four seconds and has a top speed of about 300 km/h. Quite respectable for a Mercedes Benz W201, a car that isn't excactly God's gift to aerodynamics.

One would be quite stupid to get into this car without knowing that it stops as fast as it accelerates you might say. Well, Hansen also thought about that. The EVO 2 comes standard with 285 mm ventilated discs and huge one pot calipers. This ought to be more than enough according to most standards, but the Mercedes is no light car. Hansen has therefor installed Brembo 330 mm ventilated and drilled discs with four pot calipers à la Ferrari F40. He has also installed a 2 meter in diameter dragrace brakeparachute.

Oh, and do you take the hint on the license plate? 16 valves - 450 hp.

Hansen was selling the car at the time this article was written (December 1999). The price was NOK 350.000.


Escort Cosworth 4x4 block, 16

Turbo: Garrett T35

Rear wheel drive, 5 speed manual
gearbox MercedesE126, DTM
rear suspension

Compression: 8,4:1
ccm 2015 cm3
Hk 450hp/7500rpm
Nm 570nm/5000rpm
0-100km/h 4,0 sec
0-200km/h ca 12 sec
Top speed >300km/h
Type: Tooth

Mercedes Benz 190E 2,5-16 EVO
2, modified with adjustable Koni
shocks and Eibach springs

EVO 2 alloys 8x17
Tires: 215/40 ZR 17

Brembo, 4 pot calipers, 330 mm
ventilated and drilled discs.


2 metres diameter dragrace

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More pics,
Where can i get a escort cosworth engine from
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Why would you fit a parachute to a car with only 450bhp ? I doubt it would even run in the 10's, simply not required for a car that slow.
hey iam bout to purchase amg brakes for my 190e 2.5 16v can i put cl 55 amg brakes 8 pot front n 4 pot back ang brake on my 190e 2.5 16v???
Would love to see some pics, sounds awesome.......... apart from the parachute, obviously! :)
:D Your wish is my command (only because I can't sleep with someone rubbing my lamp) :)



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