ESP, ABS, PAS Lights on W204 C220

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Apr 5, 2017
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Mercedes C220 W204 AMG Sport
Hi MB Club,

This is my first post so please, go easy on me.

I drive a 2009 C220 AMG Sport 651,911 :thumb:

I recently received the almighty ESP light on the dash leading to the ABS, no power steering as i first set off one morning, the fault happens when i reach 15-20 mph from first start up (so at least when i come to park up i can just flick the engine off and on and i have power steering to park as long as i keep under 15 :doh: )

I diagnosed with my icarsoft i980,

5001 Control unit ESP internal fault
5944 Control unit N30/4 ESP internal fault
5173 N49 ( Steering angle sensor ) Signal fault

So i moved on to checking the live data,
When logged into the ESP Module and steadily turning RIGHT the Steering angle slows moves from -1 degrees to -400 degrees, but once i turn LEFT the angle jumps from -1 to -2800 degrees.
All the posts i see online point to the Steering Angle Sensor but when i log into the Steering Column Control Module the Steering Angle sensor appears to be working correctly showing a steady 0 degrees to -400 when turning left and 0 to 400 degrees when turning right.

Could anyone with experience help me with this one, does it sound like the ESP Module is at fault as the SCCM is reading the steering angle correctly, or is this error above common for when the steering angle sensor is faulty.

I hope i have left enough information for the brain boxes behind this website, it has helped me out many times in the past with this car

Kind regards


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Hi, I'm a newbie too. I'd love to see how this is solved as I have a similar problem. Changed o/s rear abs sensor, discs pads, brake light switch to no avail.

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