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Mar 4, 2005
Near Melrose, Scottish Borders
1996 E320 Coupe
Disappointingly, after only six and a half years and 33350 miles, a slow puncture on the offside front, along with the clocks going back this weekend, hastened my decision to invest in four new tyres.

For some reason which now escapes me, I had 205/65 Michelin Energy Savers fitted when the car was refurbished. Oversized perhaps, but they worked - and still probably had a couple of thousand left in them!

I've always been a Michelin man (yeah, yeah, very good...) but in view of the recent treads - sorry, threads - I swithered between Conti 5s and Dunlop Bluresponse. Our very own inestimable Mr Charles Morgan swayed it for me. If Dunlops are good enough for him etc.

Scott Blyth and his assistant from etyres did the business efficiently within the hour in nearby Morrison's car park for a measly £256. Great guys. They noted the tyres had worn down absolutely evenly. As a matter of course, they always line up the locking bolt with the valve.:p

They did confirm I won't get the wear from the Dunlops, but what with the ratings for wet grip, noise and mpg I won't lose too much sleep. Realistically, I doubt I'll have the coupe in five years anyway.

I will say that having the correct 205/60s does rather make the car look a bit under-tyred - but hey, who cares - I'm no longer a style guru. :D

Charles Morgan

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Feb 2, 2010
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Oddly enough, I was planning a post having driven my convertible now a lot with the Dunlops on, vs the Conti 5s new on an estate, and Michelins on another W124 estate. Dunlops win on every measure, really excellent tyre for a W124.

Good price too!

Anyway, while your style guru status is sadly on the wane, I hope your coupe goes on with you in it for a lot longer than 5 years.

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