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Nov 24, 2003
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Sudden surge of online ticket buying as this evening draw is for a jackpot of Euro 125m. Wife thinks that sudden wealth on this scale is too much for many people to cope with.

But I am sure that all members of this forum would rise to the challenge :D
I would be making curtains and bed linen from it :D
I think I would learn to cope with it, it would be difficult, but I think I am up for the challenge ;)
Ticket bought.

It would make a mockery of the mortgage I am currently trying to arrange!

I actually won a euromillions prize about a year ago: about £8. I'd have to say that it didn't really change my life very much.
if handled correctly this sum (assuming the £/money in the future retains its value) could be used as a legacy as oppose to personal wealth. certain stipulations/regulated release governing an amount like 125m including interest earned and reinvested/managed alongside the original sum could see quite a few generations of a family maintain a wealthy postion in my opinion, but thats just my opinion :)
Newsagent, thats where I got mine from :)

Failing that, Tescos
Sp!ke said:
How do you even buy a euro millions lottery ticket? :confused:

Same places as normal lottery.

£1.50 per line (although the YOPs at Budgens often only charge me a £1 if I confuse them by buying some UK lotto tickets at the same time!).

Slightly better odds of winning.
Just got a couple of tickets. Will regret it if I dont.
Did'nt get a single number last week but i won £12 on the £1 online scratchcard (friday 13th was'nt it) have saved it for this weeks lotto and euro lotto.. bring it on!! feeling really lucky :eek: :eek:
Site crashed ...... what a surprise ....
You have far more chance of being stuck by lightning. Trouble is, when you win it's gonna hurt. :D :D
just had a phonecall .

everybody stop buying , its me tonight im afraid .. no point wasting any more money :D
If i win 85 mill then i'm gonna build a house with a race track , a la Michael 'the violent dustman' Carroll, but instead of old crap cars to race, i'll have a fleet of CL55's one in every colour ....

We can all party hard and then have a race .... lol :D

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