[SOLD] Ex-W211 Freebies

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Feb 9, 2013
S204 C220CDI 2009
Well, more general freebies, really.
I have:
Set of W211 handbooks, brief one, big one, Audio 20 book.
More general:
Emergency triangles, qty 2, unused, one in a blue case, the other in a red case.
Towing eye
Bonnet Star (decided having both might be a bit naff, then was told by better half that she'd always hated the damn thing anyhow), so... 8/10 condition, nearly 300,000 miles! Doesn't have the ring from under the bonnet, vanished with a boing when I was unmounting it.

If you live nearby and can collect, they are free. If you are further afield, I'll agree a price to cover post and packaging.
I'm in Tavistock, West Devon.
Chock claimed...
Somewhere, I also have a Haynes manual and another similar non-Haynes, will update later.
I also still have the hidey cubby box that sits behine the estate rear seat. That's been in the garage for years, so is probably a bit musty. Free! But collection only...
Also realised I have the Bluetooth Viseeo MBU-1000 V1 unit, the one that looks like a Nokia 6310i. Free!
Also, the screw-in doo-dad that helps you locate the wheel when refitting. Free!
Bluetooth and wheel locator bolt gone...
Manuals and bonnet star gone...

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