Excellent and highly recommended restaurant in Devon !

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Jul 12, 2011
Near Salisbury
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We had a superb meal in the Galley last night, our second visit there.

Everything from the food to the service made for an extremely pleasant and relaxing evening and we both highly recommend it.

We started with a glass of Champagne each.

We were brought a homemade sourdough with a salted and a honey butter.

C had a Courgette veloute with clams and wild garlic. I had Wye valley asparagus, Jerusalem artechoke, egg yolk and focaccia.

Next ma'am chose oven roasted plaice with kohlrabi, little gem lettuce and shell fish sauce.

My next course was Lamb rump with lamb fat roast potatoes, English pesto, asparagus and an anchovy lamb sauce

To follow this C had a dark chocolate delice with miso caramel sauce, candied peanuts and a peanut ice cream.

I chose compressed pineapple with stem ginger, mango sorbet and coconut yoghurt.

3x double espresso, 3 x Sambucca, a very good Cabernet Franc and a large glass of Muscadet came to £165 before gratuity which I was very happy to add!

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