Expensive weekend

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May 31, 2007
Iver Heath,Slough.
As some of you will know going by some of my previous posts, I crew on a Nitro dragster.
Well this weekend we were racing at Shakespeare county raceway got there and set up on Friday, car fully checked out and set up for a test run Saturday.
Completed the test run Saturday car had a good burn out and launch, car back to the pits oil, plug change, pressure leak down test, refuel and a thorougher check over,all good.
Sunday race day, car run up in the pits to check fuel pressure and general running, temps, oil pressure etc, all good so ready to race.
First race of the day burn out done, in to stage lights go green Tony hits the throttle and it was off, so far so good, hit the air shift for second gear, shifts OK but the clutch let go and disintegrated, engine over rev's to nearly 11000 rpm then BANG, blows the supercharger off the inlet manifold snaps the supercharger belt so now starts over fueling, hydraulics with Nitro fuel and blows the bottom end out, snaps the crank, breaks 8 rods, smashes the block to bits, and damages various other parts front covers, blower restraints, fire to computer wiring and body work etc.

The rough cost £10 / £12 grand OUCH !!!!
We have two weeks to get it ready for the race on the 22nd of May at Santa Pod, god help us :D










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Yup! That is officially broken!:(
i know a place that does aluminium welding if it helps,would charge £30 to weld the head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ouch! - I didn't understand the description of the damage technically but the pictures sure speak for themselves. Was the event videod?
Bit of araldite, big hammer, bish, bash, bosh. Job done :dk:

And we mere mortals who have a slight engine problem worry?
Quite a bump, then !!
yup, your gonna need a new engine, or can you salvage any parts??
Kerrrblammm! I bet that sounded impressive!
FKNL :eek:
I feel for you, mate. I thought my Big Bang (front suspension) was loud, but I think yours would have been rather bigger!

Must have been painful having to shovel all the bits into the nearest skip. :(
Jay Manek will sell you an M115 to put in there :D
Makes the time my Company Citroen Xantia engine blew up seem like a minor issue....:eek:
Here is a better look at the engine :doublesho
Cylinder 1 & 2

Broken liners :doublesho


Busted con rod

New block in place this morning

Pistons going in lunch time

Engine built up this afternoon, just the blower to go on, clutch and gearbox then ready to travel then we finish it at the track.

How does this sort of 'set-back' effect your budget?

I presume most of the money to run the team, comes from sponsorship. Do you plan a years/seasons budget in advance, or do the sponsors pay a percentage of the running costs?


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