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Dec 31, 2007
Somerset/Dorset borders
SL400 & audi A1
Just had a phone call from AA Extended Warrantee who quoted me top "gold" cover for my car for £600 pa which he said would caover everything including my roof electrics {SL350}...we will see just what they cover when the paperwork arrives:cool:

Having said i would like further info the telesales guy didnt ask for any further info so I asked how he knew my name, tel no,car and address?

He said that I must have asked for an insurance quote and the data had been shared with his company ( Never had an AA quote directly!:rolleyes: )

I would dearly like to know what database holds this info that commercial or perhaps just ordinary members of the public can access....next time someone sticks two fingers up or cuts me up at a roundabout I could send him/her a polite message through their letterbox!:devil:

(By the way in Switzerland ther is a book you can buy with all this info...thats why they are rather careful about their road manners!)

Any ideas?

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