Extended Warranties

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Feb 9, 2021
Mercedes C63 AMG
I obtained a quote from a number of providers for my 2018 AMG C63 where the two year main dealer warranty has just expired.I think Mercedes wanted £3,500 for two extra years and Warranty Wise only covered up to £10,000 (about 20% of a new engine).My independent garage recommended RAC and they cover up to 100% of market value of the car At a cost of £2,500, for two extra years.
it’s a lot but then if something major does go wrong a main dealer could clock up £1,000’s in labour alone.
From my knowledge and all I can recall of common C Class issues, Nox sensors failure, DPF blockages, AdBlue issues - all diesel related.
Other common issues, pano roof rattles and guide breakages, blocked washer jets, blown handle LEDs, ripped Artico seats, Airmatic failure. Stop start stops working - battery health.

Less common, few turbo failures, auto boxes that don't behave responsively, auto hold that doesn't. Glitchy infotainment screen (pre-facelift). Premature suspension bush failure. Auto boot spring failure. Parking sensor glitches. Electric window switch breakage.
Key not recognised. Electric seat failure.

Generally fairly reliable on the whole, but peace of mind and damage limitation (to wallet) can be a reassuring thing to have.

Many policies don't include diagnostic charges, or may limit the parts under warranty to be in-stock (so won't import out of stock parts from Germany for example), or limit the hourly rate charge which may put main dealers out of reach . So check the small print.

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