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May 4, 2009
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Can anyone recommend a decent external door manufacturer?

Wife is looking for something European/German /Scandinavian.

So not of wood construction.

Space to fill is wider than a standard door at 1.8m approx so would need a panel as well.


Qwikslide Brighouse,first class composite doors.(Fitter of doors in West Yorks)
There was a lengthy thread recently, which you might find by doing a search.

Composite are popular these days.
IG doors in Caerphilly make decent composite doors and frames with side panels, and accomodate most sizes and also to secure by design standards if required.
You would need to organise the fitting though.
We've been researching doors lately, too. Frankly, there's hundreds of companies out there that will make you almost anything you want. One thing to beware of is that from April 1st this year, all external doors have to be 'Part L' compliant, so you either need to get it fitted before then, or ensure it will comply and can get it certified.
Thanks for all the replies guys, the wife is looking at Hormann style for now, we would like a bit of glass in it.

With a 1.8m wide opening, might be worth considering a door and a half. This is where you have two leaves, one is normally locked shut and the other uses as normal access. When something large needs to be moved in or out, you can then open the "half" door

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