External window rubbers go green

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Jul 17, 2013
Range rover sport
My c sits outside unused for weeks at a time. I give it a wash and all is good. But then a few weeks later you can see green crap along the rubbers at bottom of Windows. A wash will remove it but is there anything you could apply to help?
I see this a lot on cars, especially those that sit outside like yours, near or under trees / bushes or where water comes off roofs onto the car.
In a way its akin to mildew, where the spores collect and grow along your cars window seal line.
You also see it on top of caravans.
Put the windows fully down and check the soft black brush / felt material that acts as the window protector - has it got the green mould on it?
If yes you are going to have to get rid of this too. Try a strong solution of all general purpose cleaner, say G101 or similar, get a small brush in there and remove all green traces.
For rubber protection I like Aerospace 303, if need be apply after every wash.
Have a look on the Cleanyourcar web site, there should be loads of products on there.
Only other alternative is an outdoor car cover just for the roof?
I was just having a search and a lot of people mentioned aerospace 303. I have thought about a car cover but I've seen other people that have used them have laquer damage where cover moves around constantly in the wind.
No need to spend any money, all you need is a solution of household vinegar.

Or Milton's sterilizing liquid (diluted) if you don't want to get the munchies every time you use the car

(Soft top users swear by it to clean mildew and mould spores off the canvas)
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Thanks fellas I'll give some of your suggestions a try.

It's bizzare tho! The fact you DONT use the car you get green crap but my van and my wife's car get used every day and I've never seen it on either of them.
Or Milton's sterilizing liquid (diluted) if you don't want to get the munchies every time you use the car

(Soft top users swear by it to clean mildew and mould spores off the canvas)

Milton sterilising tablets with warm water and a sensible brush for the convertible roof and thinking about a wet and dry vacuum to get all the dirty water out.
sorry i digress yes milton tab's or liquid will remove mould.

Just started to notice this on my car :doh:

Not sure how bad it is at the root of the cause, but I guess I should get some fluids ordered and get cleaning! :eek:

Holy thread revival I know but, seeing as it's on my window seals is it possible it is also present further down the door within the door card?

When I took the car for its MOT last month I did notice a slight smell, which oddly enough I didn't smell anything when using the car this weekend just gone

Worried it has continued into the depths of the car further in
It's really easy to clean off without costing the world. My father's W210 gets the same green stuff from lack of use.

All you need to do is use your regular car wash shampoo and a toothbrush. When you are washing your car, just take the toothbrush, dip it into the soapy solution (your bucket) and hit the green stuff, it will scrub off.
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It's not about lack of use.

Say you are using your car everyday but don't wash it for a couple of weeks...you'll get it whether standing in the open or under trees etc. Just a fact of motoring life.
My RX8 used to get this as, like others, it was sat on the drive from Monday to Friday. The only side that got it was the passenger side, the side that never got the sun.

It got so bad that I had to pick it off with a tooth-pick, and then gave the area a wipe over with AG Instant Tar Remover.

I guess the Coupe will get it eventually, but it's being cleaned to regularly at the moment.
markwibbs said:
You'll need a fungicide/bactericide to kill it off as you'll never scrub/wash it all off. Try this: Anti-Bacterial Cleaner

Thanks I'll check that out before I order anything, I was thinking first cleaning with G101 and then to kill it with some of the Milton fluid stuff, will that anti bacterial cleaner work better than Milton?

While I'm waiting for the snow foam to do it's thing, I walk round the car using a soft brush to agitate the green bits.

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