F1 exhaust

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Dec 19, 2011
w211 320cdi sport
I have just purchased a set of exhaust from a williams f1. I believe they are inconel. They look wonderful and I love the cat they are discoloured with use, so definitely don't want to polish or chrome them. However they have marker pen on them that designates the car numbered etc that I would like to remove. Any ideas on how this could be cleaned off without effecting the patina of the exhaust???
Acetone ? Cellulose thinners ?

Try your wife's nail varnish remover , that should do it :)
Never been to Williams, but I did visit Renault F1 in the V10 era.

Their exhausts were inconel, hand beaten from flat sheet. Each set took 3 man weeks to produce!

Will a bit of alcohol not remove the felt tip?
I'd leave them on - all adds to the provenance. But if you're set on getting them off, a quick wipe with some IPA will get rid and leave the exhaust otherwise unmarked.


Howard's bang on I have a lot of F1 stuff including most of the internals of a Jaguar gearbox acetone takes marker off a treat whilst leaving surface as is

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