Facelift W210 E55 Estate!

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a few e55 saloons are being discussed currently. i expect this estate will go for a bit more but make sure it is a good one. otherwise "fill your boots"

p.s. be selective...more and more of these big engined beasts will be unloaded by owners unhappy with fuel bills-hope you dont drive too many miles and you have a few spare grand when soemthing goes wrong (not saying it will/should but best to be prepared!)
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I felt the urge for a bucket to puke in when i started listening to the video.....and my i needed alot more when i saw the Ferrari badge !!!!!!!:eek:


MAny thanks for the link - I take all the points made but still think this could be a great buy if the provenence is ok. I've emailed him - we'll see if I get the same sort of response :)

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