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Discussion in 'Electronics' started by donteus, Mar 27, 2014.

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    Aug 22, 2005
    C270 CDI
    ok, moving the car around the other day (C270 CDI) (still not driving properly due to engine issues) and I realised I have no idea where the back end is!! I have changed from always driving estates, easy enough as the car stops where the back window is. VERY different on the saloon

    so, I have ordered some aftermarket reversing (and front) sensors, which I will be putting in when they arrive. threads on here are helpfull and answer most questions, but I need something a little different.
    looking to buy a genuine MB parking sensor display (in the top dash grille)
    question 1: does anybody have a wiring diagram for the factory fitted parking sensor system?
    question 2: do you think it would be possible to wire in the MB display into the control box from the aftermarket system? the MB display is obviously much nicer!

    once you nice folks have helped, I may shell out the cash a little happier that it may all work!


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