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May 23, 2021
Hi, new member here In the UK.
I ordered a new A250e at the beginning of March 2021, with an expected delivery in early June but date that has now slipped again (third time) to July with the dealer saying it is probably due to the global problem of semiconductor chip shortage. My concern is that this date will slip again and I could be waiting a long time with no certainty as to when the car will arrive. The factory code by the way is the Valmet contract manufacturing plant in Finland.

I really can’t wait much longer so after a bit of a search I found another MB dealer with an unallocated car in the exact same specification and the Oasis vehicle enquiry form that the dealer shared with me shows a VIN and Engine number, with an ETA to the dealer 2nd June, also all the fuel consumption and CoC data is now showing on that form does this mean that the car is now built? That alternative car is being built in the MB factory in Hungary and it was ordered by the dealer about 4 weeks before my order.

I’ve got the opportunity to cancel my current order and place a new order for this unallocated car but want to be sure it will arrive before committing to this. So based on having a VIN, Engine number and CoC data could I be confident that the car is now in transit to the UK?

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