failed parking light


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Feb 3, 2014
s211 E55 , s203 C55
Our c class is saying it has a failed near side parking light. When unlocking the car and the lights come on sure enough the bulb is inoperative but if the car is running and just the side lights on it's on and I'm sure its the same bulb. I switched all the lights on initially and none were missing.
So is it just the bulb or are there 2 filaments in there and one is gone?
Seems a bit odd that's all.


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Nov 13, 2008
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C class has 2 lights each side - position and parking, so IIRC it's the inner of the 2 that has gone, which is a benefit as it's easier to get to (but still possibly a PITA) than the outer one on the nearside which is the position (AKA side) light. They're the small lights above the headlight.

I have the same on my S204, NS parking light - tried to get to it, PITA!! Horrible access, then when I finally managed to get the holder out there's so little wriggle room on the wiring it's even more of a PITA!

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