Fakra Aerial Adapter - W209

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Mar 11, 2013
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Good evening all. I'm replacing the Audio 20 in my 2008 CLK with a Blaupunkt. No MOST, but there are two Fakra aerial connectors on the rear of the unit. One of the leads, thank goodness, still has the original label attached, and the part number is A2095406433. Working from Googling this, it seems the car has two AM/FM aerials, one in the base of the screen and one under the boot lid, with an amplifier in the driver's side (UK) for the one under the boot lid.

I'd never heard of Fakra connectors before I started this; I have now... Am I right in thinking that I need a dual male Fakra to single male DIN adapter to connect up the aerials? The fascia fitting kit I'm using is from Dynamic Sounds, and the (single) aerial adapter included is this: Connects2 CT27AA17 Fakra to DIN Aerial Antenna Adaptor for Mercedes

The Fakra end of that fits into either of the connectors on the end of the existing car aerial cables on the car, which mean the car Fakra connectors must be female, so I need something like this:

I think...

Can anybody confirm this? It's all new to me...

(And I haven't even started on fitting the DAB aerial, but that looks straightforward...)
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When I did my audio upgrade the Fakra issue was a bit of a pig. My CLK is a coupe and I wanted everything to run off an amplified shark fin on the roof. Getting the DAB/FM/AM/GPS cables to the fakra inputs took a bit of working out, they are colour coded which helps, I still have a box of fakra bits n bobs somewere in my boxes of bits.
Mine's a soft top. No roof aerials...

No GPS, and no DAB wiring yet.
Stop Press: Very tired last night. In answer to the question, answer is obvious, isn't it? How could it be anything else? Doh!
Most installers stick the GPS antenna under the dash above the head unit. DAB reception quality is very much about the ariel, common option is to stick one on the windscreen, a bit too 1960's for my liking. My aim having spent a grand on the bits, was to achieve the best reception I could after the install. The tricky part was dropping the headliner, the rest was fairly easy once I had run the cables from the roof and reverse camera :wallbash:

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