Fame at Last.

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Apr 15, 2005
Weybridge. U.K
500L ( W221 ), 2014 AMG CL 5.5 Biturbo ( W216 ) Sold, 2014 Brabus Smart ( 451 Coupe ) Mapped 130bhp
When Olly had his and Jack's C43 car outlined in the Mercedes Enthusiast they mentioned they where looking to do an article on a CL55AMG , he mentioned mine.
They got in touch and when they found that I had a W221 S-Class they decided to do both.
The article turned out quite well despite the rain.
Anyway the cars are in this months magazine.
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well done.

I might buy the magazine for the first time in a long time.
look forward to seeing it
Had a look Peter,shame about the rainy day.Even my daughter reconised you,she went that the man who's boot you broke lol
I've just seen this - a good writeup, and the cars look immaculate as always!

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