Fantastic DTM Video.

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Man , they rocked hard back in the day didn't they ? :cool:
I Love the slo mo's of them jumping the apex.
The whole thing is great .... nostalgic music too ...

The last 20 seconds with the blue 190 coming round the bend and then coming down through the gears and then off into the distance :cool:
I'm surprised Nige could fit in the car with balls that big ! :eek:
That was really great! Brought back some good memories and fantastic races and drivers.
I had pleasure of following it for a couple of years both here(Donnington) and in Germany (Hockenheim,Nurburgring,Singen etc) Mercedes were always racing being against BMW.Audi,Alfa,Audi also different privateers with Mustangs and others.
The drivers always pleasant and had time for people in the pit areas and the concourse after.

Oh and the sound of the EVO2's will never be forgotten in my ears pure heaven!

I think I still have some Vhs of the weekly programmes on eurosport at the time might dig out. (forgot need to find a vid player first oops)

Fantastic video do not know how i missed it the first time around.

Compare 4.27 with 5.42. The BMW wheel just ripped right off.

Yes 190 at the end is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seeing things like this makes me not want to sell me car.. :)
Those drivers just rock hard don't they ?

None of this namby pamby-ness of racing today , they went out and kicked a$$ .... full on 100 % ....

Watching the old-skool DTM's brings a lump to my throat ...
To use & abuse! The 90's was the best era of touring cars & was so exciting to watch growing up compared to the lack fo manufacturers competing today.

Reminds me of summers at Thruxton a few years ago:D

Great music too - just downloaded it from Itunes!


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