Faraday Pouch not working?

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Jan 13, 2023
Hi, I've been using a couple of faraday pouches for the past few years (only cheap/freebie pouches) and they used to work fine.

However, I tested them again today out of curiosity and I was still able to unlock my car even with the key in the pouch. However, it seemed to block me from unlocking the drivers door but could still unlock the passenger door.

Has anyone else had issues with these pouches not working properly?

I might get an actual faraday box and see if that is any better?

Any recommendations?

Or move the fob to a part of the house that is further away from the side where the car is parked?
Cheers guys, didn't know the pouches had a "limited lifespan", I'll get myself some new ones or a box.
Old metal tin....never fails!!

Or failing that, a plastic tub wrapped in aluminium foil. I use a plastic Nesquik milkshake tub, with the base and the lid wrapped separately in aluminium foil. I read that it's important that the key isn't touching the foil when inside, but that wouldn't be the case with a metal tin, which evidently works for @ALFAitalia, so maybe the advice I read was wrong. It's also important that foil round the lid makes good contact all around the edge where it meets the base. I've tested it right next to the car door and it's completely effective. I find the tub on the kitchen worktop more convenient to use for a couple of keys than the pouches.
Keep all my keys in an old stainless Sugar tin (Coffee, Tea, works as well :thumb: ) Can put it on the roof of the car & doors remain locked:)

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