Fatuous Comparisons

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Nov 24, 2003
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Every so often somebody comes up with a “Best versus Worst in class” comparison. Fair enough, some vehicles are utter sheds on wheels whilst others are sublime

So this caught my eye in What Car: The best and worst – fuel consumption. OK thinks I, that might be helpful. Until I read this bit:


Best and worst petrol

Best: Suzuki Jimny 1.3 SZ4 39.2mpg,

Worst: Mercedes ML63 AMG 17.1mpg

The best and worst ? fuel consumption - Car and Car-Buying News - What Car?

Yes, that really swings it. Bring on the Jimny!:doh:
Yep but sometimes can be quite revealing. and there's a diesel version now! :thumb:[YOUTUBE]fAg4DdXAp7Y[/YOUTUBE]
Indeed there is a diesel version and yes small 4x4's can often be better at the rough stuff than their bigger brothers. But.....

"It's an affable little thing, the Panda Cross, and genuinely competent off-road - the previous generation conquered the Paris-Dakar rally (albeit slowly), and this new version feels like it could manage the same, followed by a quick jaunt across the Antarctic to cool off. But out on the open road, not only is the Cross woefully slow - 20 seconds to 60mph feels positively suicidal on motorway slip roads - but the extra ride height and high-stool driving position gives the Panda the top-heavy toppliness of an old lady wearing a lead hat. "

Fiat Panda 4x4 1.3 Multijet Cross full road test car review - BBC Top Gear - BBC Top Gear
There's always options.;) Fiat Panda Diesel Tuning System For £105.98 it seems good value. The engine would stand it easily but the transmission might not stand up to constant use of the extra torque.:dk:
This would of course involve lifting the bonnet of the car which would be something of an anathema to the majority of Top Gear Journos :rolleyes:
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I like the sirocco vs Maserati comparison as coupes...

The fact they have 3 doors is about all they have in common. I doubt a Maserati buyer really has a 'roc on their shopping list...
A hatchback Maserati....now there's a car for the shopping...:D
I'm cancelling the Veyron order. From what I save in fuel I'll be able to pay off the finance on the Elise in less than six years.
From what I save in fuel I'll be able to pay off the finance on the Elise in less than six years.

Joking aside, the Elise is a genuine low tax company car option.
45mpg, CO2 149g/km, 0-60 in 6s :) £27k is a little steep though.

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