fault code C2264 c200 sport

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Jul 9, 2023
c200 cdi sport 2008
Hi all I'm hoping someone may know of this issue with this fault code I have which is


This is on a Mercedes 2008 C200 cdi

It is the only current confirmed fault it comes under ESP i cannot find anything on C2264 my Esp light is on along with the triangle still drives ok but wouldn't want to try and over take a tractor :) will only let me go the 3000 rpm there is no boost
no cruise control
Things I have tried left and right on the steering wheel, testing the speed sensors with a multimeter all were in the same voltage range checking the wiring from the Abs changed the Maf sensor cleaned the turbo inlet valve and EGR.

Would someone have any idea on where to start looking for whatever is kicking up the C2264 code i am waiting for a booking at the local garage but they seem to be pretty booked up at the moment so I'm having to wait :(

Any help or advice is really appreciated thanks :)
C2264 engine trouble code is about Timing Reference High Resolution Signal A Too Many Pulses.

Reason For C2264 Code​

The reason of C2264 OBD-II Engine Trouble Code is Manifold Absolute Pressure/Barometric Pressure Circuit High Input.

Have a look here :
Thankyou for the reply BandyAndy I have replaced the MAF sensor as it was quite cheap but still got the error code :(
A C fault code is chassis. A MAF fault would be a Powertrain or P fault code. If you put P2264 in that same crap website you'll get the same description....Don't believe all you read.

Try a better tool that will give you proper descriptions.
Thankyou for the reply BandyAndy I have replaced the MAF sensor as it was quite cheap but still got the error code :(
After you'd replaced the MAF sensor you did clear all the codes, before taking it for a test drive ?
I did I have not got the best code reader by far but it has always managed to clear codes on this car I did take it up the road and it didn't clear I am still at current confirmed fault but could be still a dodgy MAF sensor I suppose i did check voltage at the MAF plug which was reading 4.5v but am not able to check the voltage back as my reader won't do that. :(

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