Fault codes W203 C320, glow plug module??

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Nov 28, 2021
W203 C320 CDI Avantgarde
Hey guys, I am so sick and tired of battling the electronics of this car and i am at a loss. The yearly inspection is due tomorrow and i still can't get the damn check engine light fixed... :( :( :(

So the faults are as follows:
OBD testing:
*P0670 Glow Plug Control Module Control Circuit / Open
*P1408 (EGR out of self test range??)

Engine testing:
Engine, 612.962 MT/AT CDI 2
2626 Unknown fault code (O2 also or DPF????)
*2270 Unknown fault code (O2 sensor????)
C1014 ESP/BAS (Electronic Stability Program) MT/AT ESPMK25 (Electronic Stability Program) SPS solenoid valve; electrical fault

C1014 i think is not important,
What i think to be the problem are the codes i coloured red.
The car has drilled thru DPF, and its coded out, also swirl flaps disconnected.

At first i had the glow plugs checked, the mechanic told they were fine, so i swapped out the old glow plug relay that is known to be a troublesome part. Bought one from autodoc, Ridex make, 60 euro. Didnt fix it. The car starts just fine on a cold winter day after standing for 2 days idle.
What i understand that i got something with EGR and something with the ****ing glow plugs still. What does it take to fix and is it bad? I just need the check engine light to not come on during inspection.

I thought that maybe a fuse is blown? Could that be a possibility?

Whoa, a long one but can anyone help me PLEASE i am desperate and I really am praying on you guys' help :(

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