Faulty Ignition Coils - M177 w205 C63

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Feb 4, 2017
This thread is intended to help other members who might experience the same problem me and @Amgman1998 have had in recent weeks and many others worldwide are experiencing. There is a known problem with MB ignition coils so if you experience the same, hopefully this thread may help. It is a follow up thread to this one (but with a more helpful, searchable title): C63 w205 Ignition Coil - HELP! | AMG Lounge

Firstly - big thanks to @Jobsworth who is a credit to this forum.

Confusingly, there are three different part numbers for these ignition coils knocking around: A1779064202, A1779060206 and A1779069500 and all three (at the time of writing) are as rare as hen's teeth in the MB network. The MB Roadside Assist tech told me it would be a 4 month wait - but fortunately I was able to get one from the ever-helpful @Jobsworth and I also separately sourced one by calling every single MB dealer in the country from John O'Groats to Lands End, finally tracking one down in MB Portsmouth.

MB issued a product recall in 2018 on these ignition coils, quoting part number A1779069500, so it is a known problem. In my other thread, several members were advising me to take out the faulty coil and simply source the same part number - but that is not the best approach here as you'd be replacing a faulty coil with the same.

This is my faulty coil - showing the same part number. My 2016 car has only done 36k miles and this is the coil that was in the car from new, so I presume the other three coils in the car are also A1779069500 (eek!). The ignition coil sent to me by MB Portsmouth last week is part number A1779060206 which is the newest, updated and improved one. It looks very different to the eye. From what I've learned, A1779064202 was the part number which initially replaced A1779069500, but these too proved unreliable so there was a third iteration. When I was frantically searching around for coils, some online retailers did have an A1779069500 parts in stock and one had an A1779064202 but I gave them all a miss.

If you get a misfire (mine was intermittent, others have experienced permanent misfires) on a particular cylinder it is likely to be the coil. If/when you can replace it, try to ensure you find part number A1779060206. Next time my car is in for a service I will, if the supply shortage has sorted itself out, get MB to replace my other three coils with this part number. In the meantime I'm keeping the spare in the boot for when it next happens ...

By the way, depending on which coil fails, replacing the coil can be a simple 45 min job (cylinders 1 and 2) or a messier 3 hour job involving removing fuel lines and other gubbins (cylinders 7 and 8). Mine was on cylinder 3 and it took the tech 2 hours as there were bulky wiring harnesses to shift. If you are based anywhere near the NorthWest, a specialist indie called P3 AMG in Stalybridge offer superb and very quick service.

Hope this proves helpful to someone at some point.

A few years ago i made a school boy mistake with one of my camshaft adjuster plates on my M156. When I uploaded a video, Jobsworth straight away saw that I had incorrectly installed exhaust aviator to the inlet cams. Someone to notice to that level of detail is simply a valuable asset to this forum. Hats off to Jobsworth 🫡👍
You probably haven’t had the recall. I certainly hadn’t and I’ve not heard of any other UK owners who have either. This is the recall notice but it is specifically from MBUSA.
Just wanted to say thank you to Iggu, this thread contains alot of valuable information about the coil packs👍🙂

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