Faulty sprinter alarm.

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Jun 26, 2017
Mercedes Sprinter 313 MWB high roof 2012

I own a 2012 sprinter, been having trouble with the alarm and locking since I bought it in April. It started with the locking, now and again it wouldn't lock when I was pressing the key... I'd turn the engine on and try again and usually it locked fine, after a few attempts atleast.

The alarm...
Around 3 weeks ago the battery on the van completely died (a brand new bosch) re-charged the battery and re-connected and the hazards were going off like an alarm (can't turn off the alarm, I've tried to unlock/lock, had the engine started etc...) nothing works!! I managed to find the siren which Was fried (must of had water got into it as the circuit board was fried),I thought that this was the issue. So I bought the exact same siren off line and swapped it. The alarm is still going off but now has the siren working to go with it... the alarm is a 'autowatch 375 clam' and has been added onto the van at some point.

Just wondering if any one could point me in the right direction?

Appreciate any help.


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