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Mar 24, 2009
A friend asked me if i would drive there daughter to her wedding in my cl600, so i said of course,
So i set off to get the car valeted at 9am left at 11am(THE WEDDING IS AT 3.45PM) then on my way back from the valeters there was a big accident and the diversion took me along a really muddy single lane farm track type roads:doh: i finaly get home at 12pm, park on the drive and get the jet wash and bucket and sponge ready, it was then that a saw the front tyre half deflated:( so i jump back into the car and head to canterbury for a new tyre, after trying three different garages (all of them did not have the size required) i tried kwik fit which said the same.
So i ask if he could fit one 5mm narrower to which he replied "only if you fit 2 new front ones" as i am now desperate i paid the £540 and had them fitted, even though the tyres on the car had had less than 1k miles use.
Anyway finaly get back home at 2.45pm very quickly cleaned the car then started to fit the ribbon, so tied it to the grab handle then took it through the window then through the bonnet star and only got half way back up the bonnet, damn damn damn what am i going to do now:wallbash:
It was then that my brainstorm happened and descided to cut a one inch strip of the bed sheets with a pair of scissors,
finaly managed to get there on time and it was a good wedding.
The missus id still trying to work out what happened to her sheets though:rolleyes:
I love days like that :D

You should have halved the ribbon, lengthwise :thumb:

Did you keep the part-worns?
£540for two tyres - what are they made of - unicorn horns or something :eek:

Kwik fit are renowned for robbing people with scams such as you need two sir...

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