Feature or fault??

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Mar 9, 2006
Twice now my 2005 C55 AMG estate has unlocked the doors whilst driving. It only does it in high G manouvering. Both times it has been on roundabouts, once actually going round, and today whilst exiting, so it has done it once turning left and once turning right. I am talking about quite hard cornering, so wondered if it perhaps will do it deliberately if it thinks you are about to crash. No fault codes stored anywhere, so at a bit of a loss there. Is it a fault or supposed to do it?

There's a few cars that do this on high g situations BMW's definitely do but not sure about MB I've put some through bad lateral g on the ring and the doors have never popped but they've all been C63 or Brabus cars
I can see that your C class will unlock all doors in the case of an accident, but no mention of it happening at speed or cornering at high G
Interior light show? When my merc had its rust done, body work Solihull did a crap job of lining the doors up, this resulted in hard cornering causing the pin switch to think the doors was open, thus popping the locks.

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