Fed up with Windscreens!


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Feb 20, 2010
Vauxhall Chevette
Not a good day.

Driving up A1 and bl**dy great stone thrown up by lorry wrecks my windscreen.

Now you might think not so bad but....

Only last May I had to have a new windscreen due to another stone getting thrown up off the road.

Now prior to buying my "Merc" I had driven company cars (Vectras urrghh!) for the last 10 years. Doing 25000 miles per year and never had a windscreen damaged.

Change job, buy my pride and joy and now doing only 7000 miles per year. Yet 2 new windscreens in just over a year! I think I may have upset someone!

The only saving grace is that I "only" have to pay £70 excess each time.

The first windscreen replacement done by Autoglass, was a Bl**by disaster as I ended up with a pond in my passenger footwell when it rained as they managed to screw up the bonding when fitting it (and also left some of their bonding glue on my bonnet). They refitted and things were ok until today when the stone hit.

Now my insurer uses National Windscreens who are coming Wednesday to fit a new windscreen. I shall be observing them very closely when it is being fitted!

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