Feel Like Crying

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syfaphonetic said:
mine is completely different :(
i have the two compartments - so i guess they wont fit. i havent had time to get to garage to ask yet :(

interior looks nice btw :)

I think with a slight bit of modding they can be made to fit. The compartment that houses the cig lighter and ash tray would need to be moved.

I was thinking that may be the dual holder could be cut down thus fitting in the upper of the two compartments. U'd only have one cup holder but I could live with that.
syfaphonetic said:
interior looks nice btw :)

Thanks :D Its having a clean period thanks to a very nice russian that cleaned the car head to toe for £10 last time I was in London ;-) just noticed the paw print on the passenger seat :) must be one of the kids :eek:
i like the diddy comp tan cos im used to it - so i might look into the same......

:bannana: Peter for £10 its almost worth driving to london to have it done lol :)

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