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Apr 26, 2015
Derbyshire, High Peak
Viano ex long, 651 2014. S211 646 2009 (till the Gov't drones blow 'em off the road)
Our Grove is to have 2 poles installed, so that the copper cables (underground and not ducted) will be replaced by overhead, festooned, fibre optic.

Legally, of course, the street isn't ours, we just use it.
So Fibre Heroes wishing to put up poles and string unsightly, retro style, cables to properties taking up the fibre option, isn't something we are realistically given choice of.

The neighbourhood are in agreement that this will spoil the clean appearance of the Grove, so we don't want it.
Has anyone experience of how to cause this to be reconsidered?

Our MP has given little more than a patronising response. As he likely doesn't feel he will have a job next year, his shoulder shrug is to be expected.
I'll learn tomorrow night, but don't think anyone has approached our Councillor.

I view that if each property were to run a duct along each (shared) fence line, then there may be a redesign the system that could pick up poles at other locations off the Grove. Clearly we can't influence the installation of poles on other roads, they will be there anyway.
My thinking would involve installation of chambers at junction points, so certainly not straight forward as a retro fit.
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There a general concensus that utility companies have to provide the infrastructure that benefits everyone who wants to be connected to their service. So as not to operate at a loss, sometimes the quickest, easiest and cheapest method will be used to do this. A couple of complaints will in most cases be dismissed outright, and the law will be on their side. While occasionally, an individual will have some success and they will have a rethink, it's very rare and usually only when thousands complain like when they want to erect pylons over a natural beauty spot.
Most of these companies have been doing this for a long time and have their own wayleave and servitude experts, and legal department. Good luck!
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Worth trying to check the conditions imposed on the site in the planning consent when the houses were originally built. Our cul-de-sac has a condition imposed by the local borough council when they sold the sites for building that no overhead services are allowed, instead there is a service strip about 2m wide across the front of all properties in which all services (water, electricity, phone and later gas) are buried, with a number of access manholes also mainly in this service strip. If you can find this for your road, you'll scupper the plans to install poles.
It comes under permitted developments and requires very little in the way of application. Wayleave only required on private land.
Sympathise with you. I remember BT putting a Telegraph pole up at the front of the house years ago, not directly in front but still annoying, use to it now though. And then when cable was being laid, again years ago now, one of those green cable boxes at the side of the house, can't see it but annoying. My worry was d1ckheads sitting on it, so let the thorn hedge grow over it, and I keep it trimmed. Like you say annoying but doubtful you can do owt about it, unfortunately.
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The fibre company will install at least cost to them. If you and your neighbours want it all underground they may agree if you foot the bill. Running ducts across other people's land is fraught with legal implication, you may all agree now, but what if a neighbour says no or subsequently wants to put a wall where the ducts run? What about crossing driveways, roads etc.
OP....surely you already have a duct running into each house with the current services in. Where I live it was designed for a clean, open plan look (so we have rules like no hedges or fences over 18 inches tall on the front gardens, no caravans or sign written vehicles etc etc).......we all have a 6 in concrete pipe that runs from the road to the house that runs buried along side the it runs everything, gas, electricity, phone lines and water and it enters the house via the garage and bin store. Can they not use your current ducting? must get into your house somehow!!!
They have installed several new poles locally and I wanted to avoid another one outside our property. We agreed on full fibre from EE about three weeks ago, nobody in the EE shop was interested when I said our cables were underground. @ALFAitalia doesnt live that far us but he is lucky his services are in a duct, all our services were buried in the mud back in the 70’s.
To date we have had 10 Openreach guys here as first they searched for a cable and then decided to install a new rooftop cable from an existing pole which is out of sight from our house. They were going to put new cables in to link that with other poles further away.
All sounded good and they installed the first cable to our house but then packed up and left.
Yesterday we received notification of a delay and then later an Openreach guy turned up trying to fault find as to why they cannot get service to us. Might help to link the other poles I said !
You couldn’t make it up.
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we all have a 6 in concrete pipe that runs from the road to the house that runs buried along side the it runs everything, gas, electricity, phone lines and water and it enters the house via the garage and bin store.
Totally against all codes and practise for gas installations. Electricity and gas cannot go in the same duct, they should always be seperated for obvious reasons, and gas ducting should be yellow and perforated to allow any escaped gas to vent instead of travelling along the length of the duct and possibly into any buildings.
Not in 1967!
Not in 1967!
1967, before PE pipes, so likely maleable iron, comes in lengths that have screwed joints, impossible to fit them together inside in a concrete duct or repair them, never ever seen anything like that. Surprised that a service pipe laid in 1967 is still in one piece to be honest.'s def concrete.....they recently exposed the road end if it to replace our metal gas pipe with plastic. They did the whole area recently.'s def concrete.....they recently exposed the road end if it to replace our metal gas pipe with plastic. They did the whole area recently.
Interesting. If yours is 1967 and ours is 1970 ish then presumably our gas pipe is metal, but it’s not ducted. None of the services are. Years ago we were notified of a water leak in the garden and the water authority dug a good four and half feet before giving up and replacing the entire pipe. Their divining rods showed the pipe below them somewhere. Came to the conclusion everything was buried in the bog that this area was at one time. No ducting though.
All our services are underground due to conditions imposed by Ashford BC when they sold the old Rectory land to "Self Builders" in the 1980's. At that time there was no gas, so our supply was only installed in 2003 by the second owner of our house. We were having the front driveway re-done a few years ago, contractor dug into the ground with his big digging fork and found a yellow polly pipe between the tines - lucky!! Despite having maps of where the services run I actually have little or no idea of how the services get into the property - the water supply must be buried under concrete all the way from the back pavement to the house (about 70ft), I now know roughly where the gas pipe is, the phone - the only point is under the stairs, no idea how it gets there! Makes FTTP a pipe dream! Only one I have a good idea about is drainage, as both rainwater and foul go a short distance from the West side of the house into neighbours garden where they connect to pipework running North - rainwater to a soakaway, foul to main drainage somehow (but off my property!!).

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