Fibre Woes

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Sep 18, 2017
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There are a couple of threads associated with full fibre telephone but if our own experience and this article ( link) are examples the woes will grow.

BT digital landline chaos as customers are cut off when internet fails

We agreed to full fibre.

We have non ducted underground cables so they decided to link us to a pole on the estate next to our house.
Two visits, 4 vans and 8 Openreach people managed that (although only 2 guys were actually working).

Then fun. A week later the data contractor arrived at 11am and made all the house connections but couldn’t connect us to the network.
A shout for help and his colleague from Brighton (25 miles) arrived after lunch.
That didn’t get them anywhere so another shout for help and a 2nd colleague from Crawley (38 miles) arrived at 5.00pm to reconnect us to Copper which had been removed earlier.

Apparently all new people are trained on fibre not copper. They finally left us just before 7.00pm having arrived at 11.00am.

We were then promised a ‘specialist visit’ within 48hrs, that’s long past now and no one in sight.

Vague suggestions from them that there’s no spare capacity and cabling on pole boxes is not labelled.

I realise that telephone lines are now used to stream programs etc and fibre is an obvious way forward but they seem to have ambitious plans not backed up by infrastructure away from town centres.

A raft of new phone poles is a low cost fix, but resisted by many including us if I’m to be honest.

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