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    This event is held anually at an raf woodbridge in suffolk.
    Its purpose is to bring members of the piston heads forum together for a timed 1/4 mile and mile run against each other.

    Cars were at a plenty with the exotics of lambos/porsches to c63's a cls 55 m3's m5's tvr's etc.

    Everyone had a chance to see how they fair up with each other and generally to have a good day out.

    My E55 was not at its best on that friggin day as the intercooler pump decided to throw its towel in leaving me without a supercharger most of the time, despite that i did manage to record 1 half decent 1/4 mile time of 11.62 but no et or mile vmax times as the timing gear was not at its best either due to high winds.

    Anyway enough of the talk and here are some preview pics of the day.

    MB pics

    Event pics

    P.S Click on thumbnails to enlarge

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