Fires force black cabs off roads

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Feb 10, 2007
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As per this BBC article. :eek:

There I was usually trying to get a newer cab when hailing one, might need to review my selection strategy. ;)

No info about possible causes though - anyone care to speculate? :)
"Sc'use me, gov'nor, mind if oi drop yew off 'ere?"
"You'll never guess who died from smoke inhalation in the back of my cab yesterday..............."
No info about possible causes though - anyone care to speculate? :)

I will give it go........

usually fires are created when a fuel reacts with Oxygen and a source of ignition is applied. However, good old diesel only needs about 250c to auto ignite anyway. So any hot surface may give it the needed ignition source. (Think drunken peeps and chip pans)

Anyway, if you have the fuel atomised, and by that, under pressure coming out of a small opening, you can reduce that temperature. So, engine bay, temp, fuel under get my drift.

Or, as it seems to have affected a certain batch, this means we can safey remove the running it on illegal fuels etc which the car maker did not design it for and therefore has no idea what the effects of used chip oil is, it maybe a vibration that causes a bit to come lose, thus allowing fuel to escape under pressure, and some electrical bits badly position and not as safe as they shoudl be, shorting out and thus, ignition source, big orangey stuff, clouds and noxious black smoke, lots of hotness etc resulting.

And thats not suggesting it has anything to do with Brake fluid pipes, close proximity to hot bits, lose pipes, and so it goes on.

Still, can't wait till one wired up with LPG/CNG goes up.

pure speculation of course. could be dodgy paint for all I know.

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