First 'ding'!

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Apr 10, 2004
Ulrome, Driffield, East Yorkshire.
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It had to happen sooner or later but I'm beggared if I know how.

After the ritualistic weekend wash-wax-hoover session I noticed a very small ding in Diana's bonnet in the strangest of places, about 12 inches forward of the windsreeen and right at the edge of the bonnet itself.

I'm not entirely certain that it hasnt been there from the start, its that tiny, and I only really noticed it because of the way the sun was shining. If it were someone being vandalistic I have imagined they would have done a better job of it plus its below the level of the wing so I would have expected something on the wing also.

Ah well, it killed my afternoon at the time but I've become a tad more philosofical, (spelling?), since, as something always happens sooner or later doesnt it?.

She and I will get over it I guess:rolleyes: although, I'm convinced I noticed a small tear in her eye this morning:(

It might just be stone damage that hasn't chipped the paint. I have a stone chip in a similar place.

I should be relaxed about it. It's easier to spell than philosophical. ;)
Gutted for you chuck - if the paints not broken and you can only see it if you look from a certain anfgle - then don't look from that angle;) :D
I'm sure a paintless-dent-repair chap could massage the dent out for about £50, if you were losing sleep over it...
Thanks:) .

Nope, the paints not broken and its a very slight straight line crease of sorts as opposed to a hollow ding that a stone would leave. I dont think a dent puller would work as its above the secondary bonnet skin near a spot weld.

Your'e right, I need to stop looking at it really, but I was "drawn", as you are:(

grober said:
Dare I ask, car been serviced or out of your hands recently?:(

No, not really, just the warranty work at the back end a few months ago and it was checked and double checked by me before and after. In fact, it was the workshop foreman who did the repairs so.......

I think that I would have noticed because I was all over her with a fine tooth comb just in case. Its a mystery really because if it was done on purpose and / or after construction then the position of the wing relative to the bonnet would, or should, have resulted in a crease in the wing also :confused: .

You say you can only see it when the sun is shinning, well thank good we don't have too many sunny days, and after this week, you wouldn't even notice the ding:D So chill out dude:cool:
I wouldn’t worry about it Portzy as only is very small and unnotcebale. Its the bloody stone chips that break the paint that really annoy me. Plus no one will be able to notice the dent anyway.

I got up really early yesterday morning to give my car a wash/wax as well before the heat wave kicked in. By the time I finished it was baking hot and the heat had worn me out.
We clearly need to find out what paint finish the A8 in Transporter2 uses. Shrugs off impacts from 9mm, brick walls and metal poles no problem :D
i have 3 scuff makes on the windscreen on the passenger side and one proper chip-cum-crack on the drivers side. the chip has been fixed by autoglass and altho i can see the repair its ok.

the thing is, i would have heard that happen, but the windscreen man said its possible that the angle of the whatever it was that hit it may have been just right that it needn't have made a big noise.


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