First little problems solved


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Aug 20, 2018
North East London
,CLK 350 Sport Convertible,,Golf R mk7,,,,CLK 55 AMG-Convertible,,,,
My battery died on the clk convertible even the c tek couldn’t keep it going,,
I found out that it’s no simple task to change the battery,,
After local battery chap fitted the new battery the car would not even turn over,,
Breakdown recovery into my specialists and plugged into star then a ton of resets, a relay replaced ( think it was that ) and a new mafi ordered and fitted,,
Car back to running perfectly and nothing nasty come up on the star diagnostics but a big lesson
to me to drive the car more and don’t let the battery ever run down to the point it won’t even start on a jump,,,
Any potential future battery changes will be done my chaps,,
Away tomorrow so can’t pick car up to Wednesday frustrating as I would have taken it to Kent,,
Anybody else been caught like myself with what I thought would be a simple battery change turned into a bit of a nightmare?,,,
Thanks for reading,,,,,jasonp

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