First years renewal (daughter)


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Sep 21, 2014
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My daughters first years driving is almost at an end meaning her insurance is due for renewal on 27/01/15.

As we haven't had a renewal letter yet I called Direct Line this morning to get a price for her second year and was told the renewal letter is in the post but if I wanted to know the price she could tell me , they quoted an annual premium of £230 FC for a 19 year old to drive her Clio with breakdown cover. I informed them that the quoted price was far too low ( I was expecting £700 - £800 ) as it was £1300 last year , so she went to check and came back and told me that due to an admin "error" there have been loads of recent quotations that were well below what they should have been but as they have sent out the letter already they would honour the quote which I paid for straight away - result :thumb: , just saved myself around £500 for their admin **** up.

So if you are with Direct Line and your insurance is due soon then you may be in for a nice surprise.


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