FLAC on SD card not playing

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by harvin1975, Sep 9, 2015.

  1. harvin1975

    harvin1975 Active Member

    Jun 2, 2015
    E Class Estate W212; VW Golf
    Hi - does COMAND media interface not play FLA on SD?
    I've got a new W212 with media on Comand.
    It had an SD card under CD player.

    Having spent an hours filling up a 16GB SD card it appears not to work.

    I formatted a new SD card, transferred music folders over from my Buffalo Linkstation hard drive in FLAC format popped the SD in the car - and only 2 tunes are recognised.
    They are recognised by other devices hooked into the Linkstation. Eg. Sonos.

    Have about 0.5 GB left on SD.

    Anyone had any luck using FLAC on SD in car for music?
  2. st13phil

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    Nov 6, 2007
    North Oxfordshire
    His - Denim Blue A220 AMG Line Premium / Hers - Obsidian Black R172 SLK55
    AFAIK, FLAC is not a format supported by COMAND.

    I use dbPowerAmp to rip and format convert.
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  3. Alf Barnet

    Alf Barnet Active Member

    Jul 25, 2015
    Being a Luddite, and finding the command and manuals pretty much useless an overrated, what do I need to get music on the SD card? What format? Harvin any joy geezer?
  4. E270 Owner

    E270 Owner MB Enthusiast

    Dec 23, 2012
    S E London
    Anything I get my hands on.
    In my manual.

    General information
    COMAND supports SD memory cards (Secure Digital), SDHC memory cards (Secure Digital High Capacity) and SDXC memory cards (Secure Digital eXtended Capacity.

    i Not all memory cards available on the market are designed for the temperatures which may be reached in the vehicle. If the SD memory card is no longer in use, you should remove it from COMAND. High temperatures can damage the card. Due to the wide range of SD memory cards available on the market, playback cannot be guaranteed for all brands of SD memory

    Permissible file systems
    - ISO 9660/Joliet standard for CDs
    - UDF for video DVDs
    - FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS for SD memory card and USB storage media

    Permissible formats
    COMAND supports the following formats:
    - MPEG1 Audio Layer 3 (MP3)
    - Microsoft Windows Media Audio V8 and V9 (WMA) without copy protection
    - Microsoft Windows Media Audio V2, V7, V8 and V9 (WMA)
    - Additional music files in AAC format with the file extensions .aac, .mp4, .m4a and .m4b, but not copy-protected iTunesmusic files with the extension .m4p.

    i. If, in addition to MP3 files, there are other music files in these audio formats stored on the disc, the loading process may require a longer time before the first track is played.
    Permissible bit and sampling rates
    COMAND supports MP3 files of the following types:
    - Fixed and variable bit rates from 32 kbit/s to 320 kbit/s
    - Sampling rates of 8 kHz to 48 kHz

    COMAND supports WMA files of the following types:
    - Fixed bit rates from 5 kbit/s to 384 kbit/s
    - Sampling rates of 8 kHz to 48 kHz

    COMAND does not support WMA files of the following types:
    - DRM (Digital Rights Management) encrypted files
    - Variable bit rate
    - WMA Pro
    - 5.1 surround sound

    i. Only use tracks with a bit rate of at least 128 kbit/s and a sampling rate of at least 44.1 kHz. Lower rates can cause a noticeable deterioration in quality. This is especially the case if you have activated a surround sound function

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