Flappy Paddle Gears - Who Uses Them ? (poll)

Flappy Paddle Gears - Do You Use Them ?

  • You Use Them Regular

    Votes: 23 31.9%
  • You've Tried Them But Don't Bother

    Votes: 43 59.7%
  • Never Tried Them

    Votes: 5 6.9%
  • Don't Know how To Use Them

    Votes: 1 1.4%

  • Total voters
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Aug 1, 2002
I've spoke to a few Mercedes owners who when telling me about the features their car has, tell me in a rather excited voice/face - It's got Flappy Paddle Gears ! I then say have you ever used them or do you use them ? Their replay has always been - oh no :confused:
To be honest it's not something that I would bother using either
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Use them all the time on my Golf its my normal driving mode but then the DSG box has no torque converter unlike the MB box so up and downshifts feel like a manual which is nice :thumb:
Yep i have them, i have used them a bit because its the first car ive had with it so its a novalty at the moment.
I live at the bottom of a longish hill so tend to use it for engine braking rather than letting the brakes do it all
I only ever used ours for around a day or two after picking the car up or when a passenger says 'Wow, flappy Paddles?'. However, on a B Class 180d Sport there's not much fun to be had. I wouldn't have paid extra for them but they came with the auto box we needed.

However, I'm guessing those here with stunning AMG models like to use them when flying down motorway slip roads. That must be a great fun feeling.

Tbh ours is not a manual as such. If it hits rev limiter it changes up for you. Slowing down it changes down for you too. Be interested to know if that happens on super fast AMG models too?

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Only use mine to downshift and make a better engine noise when driving past some parked up Barrie's/teens :)
Love my paddles. I think the c63 AMG is much better when you can fully enjoy the sound of the engine. Down shifts are a delight and still make me smile from ear to ear.
Used plenty on my AMG's but a pointless tool on the diesels in my opinion; it's easier to time the lockdown for when overtaking.
I use them, but I'd like the gearbox to be more responsive to them and react more quickly.

MB boxes still lag behind the competition, though I've not tried the new 9 speed.
I use them, but I'd like the gearbox to be more responsive to them and react more quickly.

MB boxes still lag behind the competition, though I've not tried the new 9 speed.

If you think the 7 speed is bad the 9 speed takes lardiness to a whole new level. :)
My XF paddles were instantly responsive up and down so I used them a lot, but the S Class ones are slow so I just bury the clog when required.

Have tried the flappy paddles, and on the odd occasion will use them, but most of the time leave the car in auto with 'S' mode selected and rely on kickdown for a bit of acceleration (I have the 7 speed 'box).

What lets the flappy paddles down is that it is not a particularly fast gearchange, there is a slight delay when selecting gears with them. For a mass produced roadcar I would not expect lightspeed gear changing like an F1 car of course, but if the flappy paddles selected gears with just a little more haste I would certainly use them more often.

I will sometimes use them though, if only as a change to the norm, and a little bit of fun if nothing else.
I don't have flappy paddles, just the switches behind the steering wheel (5G box), but it's just as easy to use the tiptronic shift with the gear lever, and I find it a more natural motion; I always have to think which side is 'down' on the wheel switches, whereas the gear lever is instinctive. And, of course, the gear lever is always in the same position whatever the steering wheel is doing.
I know what you're saying. Pulling out of a junction, steering lock on. You're wanting to change into 2nd and steering wheel turning out of a corner. Timing is sometimes bad.

As for instinct. Being an X F1 driver I'm used to left and right paddles. (hehehe)

I used them only to force the box to shift up after an overtake. The box holds the gear for ages afterwards which is a pain.

I also hold the down shift to get a better gear for acceleration. However, the boxs success in selecting the best hear is adhoc at best.
Don't use them normally. However, when we go to the Alps I find it useful to hold a low gear for engine braking downhill, and also uphill if lots of hairpins, just seem to have better control that way.
Also sometimes my gearbox decides that I want to be sporty and changes up at higher revs so I select manual and put it to the higher gear.
Had the car for a year (IRO 12K miles) before I realised that if you hold the paddle for a second rather than a quick touch it selects the lowest/highest gear possible for the revs/speed
I never use them (buttons in my case).

I prefer to use the gear lever for any gear changing, whenever that is required.

For fast driving, I just leave it in S usually.
I use the buttons occasionally force a change up if the revs are holding.
It's a gimmick really with a gearbox so slow to react. MB's weak point I'm afraid.
Looks like I'm in a minority here. :)

I use them on a regular basis, when "making progress" on decent A roads, especially when approaching and exiting roundabouts. I find it easier to be in the right gear before I get to them, and to hold onto gears to exit them smoothly.

Also, as stated by others, they also come in handy to grab an up change when you've used kick-down for a nifty little burst of speed, for example when joining a motorway or D/C, otherwise the thing tends to stay in a low gear eating even more of my fuel than normal :D
I use mine a lot in slow moving traffic seems to me to make sense, if I am behind someone in traffic who leaves enough space for a light aircraft to take off in front of him... I've yet to use them in anger so to speak. I've not been in a position where the auto box and subsequent engine roar was not enough to scare little children and elderly people when I floor the pedal. Honest officer I was just doing 30
I find it's just too darn slow on my 5 speed box selecting manual is a joke, used very infrequently. When I flick it I want it to change, not go and have discussion with the electronics before coming to a decision, I've already made that decision!

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