Floor vibration

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Dec 28, 2022
Mercedes e350 cdi convertable
I have this weird floor vibration which can be felt at high speed from +70mph and it is speed related as it is there in neutral as well.
So far I have changed the differential with front doughnut (rear seems in good condition)and middle bearing and carrier.
Then went on to replace the differential and both cv as one shown a slight leak of grease.
Changed the left hand side rear bearing and 2 control arms. Measured and checked for runout the discs, hubs and all fine on rear.
Changed hub bearing on front right hand side as when I changed the wheel the vibration seemed to improve but still there.
Changed brake discs/pads to fronts and upper/lower arms to front.
Gearbox mount doesn't look damaged /split or split.
Had tyres balanced ,tracking done and purchase another set of wheel to swap around and the vibration is still there.
At low speeds drives absolutely fine with no issues.
I have used the NVH app and mostly it came as t1 rear but in the last weeks it comes either front wheels either rear so reading's are not consistent and the vibration I in the floor.i have also installed microphone sensors in proximity of the wheels and can't hear the vibration in the headphones to be coming from one specific area.
Any advice would be much appreciated or maybe someone in Hertfordshire able to diagnose the issue correctly.

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