Fog lights on the W202 C200?

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Jul 25, 2008
Melbourne, Australia
C200 W202
Hey guys,

just wondering what is involved and if it is possible,
to attach fog lights to a non AMG Mercedes W202.
In particular the C200

Any help great.

As below:


I am well aware that my car has fog lights. . . . . :) Just want the more AMG look

P.S. My front bar will take them right?

:D :D :D :D :D
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You will need an AMG bumper, as they have the correct openings on the bumpers to fit them.

People have used the small vents on pre-facelift models (as per your pic), but you would have to find an aftermarket light, wiring and fabircate a cage for the light to live in.

(eg, not worth the bother :D)
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yeh i won't bother if it's that much trouble.
i thought the lights might fit into MY Bumper...

aww guess i'll have to shelve it...

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