Foglight bulbs for '01 W210/S210 E55

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May 22, 2015
W210 E55 AMG
olks, silly question, but which website has more accurate compatibility information: Pelican Parts or Amazon?

The reason I ask is because my foglights are circular (AMG styling package, 722 since it's a '01 W210/S210 E55 AMG wagon), but Amazon continues to recommend H1 foglight bulbs.

I'd like to stick to the stock colour of the foglamps, but while Pelican parts recommends the H3 55W bulb, Amazon says it won't work, and recommends the H1 bulb.

Screenshots attached for your reference.


  • Screenshot 2017-08-12 12.09.00.jpg
    Screenshot 2017-08-12 12.09.00.jpg
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  • Screenshot 2017-08-12 12.09.12.jpg
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  • Screenshot 2017-08-12 12.18.42.jpg
    Screenshot 2017-08-12 12.18.42.jpg
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ECP shows H3 bulb for AMG fogs

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