FOR SALE: H7 LED Bulbs and custom wiring with OEM back covers

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Sep 20, 2014
I put these together to fit into my A200 (for off-road use only, naturally), but unfortunately, there's just not enough space, even without bulky plugs, and using only spade connectors. Spent half day trying - just won't fit in, and unfortunately, it's now for sale ... :(

Tested in my car - no errors, no flickering - and on my desk, for a couple of hours before that: very bright white light, without a hint of a tinge. The radiator gets hot, but not excessively so (very clever heat dissipation design, with aviation grade aluminium 6063 used).

The bulbs are of a high quality, with removable H7 fixing plate; CREE CSP Y19 LEDs; each bulb is 25W; 6500K; 5,000 Lumen; 100,000 hrs working life; IP68 (bulbs and rear cover cable glands).

Heat-resistant wiring; burn-proof outer sleeve.

The cover is universal, and fits many Mercedes (and others) cars.
Mercedes p/n A1408200649; Bosh p/n 1305239069.

Would probably be best fitted to an older vehicle, as modern SAMs are way too clever :) Also, ideally this should go into a projector type of lens, then the light pattern will be exactly as halogen.

Here's a list of Mercedes models, compatible with the covers:




Wiring harness, with water-proof OEM cover and compensating resistor:



Here's one, before been fitted into the back cover:


The components cost me (rounded down to the nearest pound):

Bulbs - £28
Resistors - £11
Covers - £8 each (I had one spare, and bought the second one new from MB)
So, not including wiring, glands, sheath, etc - a minimum £55 value.

For sale at £40 incl delivery.

Please PM or email me on: david.glk AT if you're interested, or require additional details.
A different option: the H7 LED bulbs, as above, with a new set of compensating resistors - £22 incl. tracked delivery in the UK.
The bulbs are now sold, still have the customised A1408200649 covers - £15 for the kit, including tracked postage.

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