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Sep 15, 2007
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As advertised on ebay

1991 MERCEDES 500 E AUTO GREY on eBay (end time 12-Mar-11 18:42:24 GMT)

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Mercedes Benz W124 500E - 1991 M119[/FONT][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
Here we have my Wolf in Sheeps Clothing
If you are not familiar with the model, then I suggest you read up on it before you go on. If I am honest, I am hoping to sell the car to someone who knows and appreciattes the breed
Here are some links to educate you:
I have owned a lot or Mercs and they have always been circa 1987 - 1995. These were the years of production when they were hand built and built to last
After much investigation, I imported the car from Yokohoma Japan December 2007. Unfortunately the cars documentation went missing during the shipping. After landing at Southampton and all the relevant duties etd were paid, I had the car delivered up to Mercedes Benz (dealership) in Lincoln. I have owned the car just over three years now, but for the last year I have not seen it at all, as I sent her away to get a new upper wirring harness fitted and then the gear box fixed. It was only down to me that the car was away for so long as I just did not get round to sorting out the movements of the car from one mechanic to the other as you will see from the service history below
She needs to go to a good home now where the car will be used and ran like it should be!!
I run about in an 2007 B7 RS4 now which is also now up for sale
Servicing & Care ( No expense spared )
December 2007 - Job Number 31392 - Merc Dealership Lincoln
Carry out MOT Test
oil and filter changed
replaced coolant
rewired rear fog lamp for uk spec
topped up PAS system
2 x New Tyres
full inspection of vehicle ( I insisted that their most experienced mechanic worked on the car and inspected it. At the time he commented on how good a condition the car was in ! )
April - September 2008 - 124works Preston (
Conducted a leak down test, compression tes and CO2 test
Replaced heater pipe
Replaced air intake pipes
New Gear Surround
Renewed all brake pads ( Green Stuff Brake Pads )
Steering Tracked
Replaced oil seals steering
Changed brake fluid
Full B Service carried out
Replaced Air Filters ( Green Cotton Filters )
Investigate sunroof issues ( not fixed )
Re-balanced front wheels
Repaired fog light left side
Replaced coolant sensor
Flushed and changed engine and gearbox oil
Repaired Aerial
New radiator cap
October 2008 - Job Number 927 ( Auto Elite Hull - )
Mileage - 88121 km's
Replaced LH/RH Blinker lamps & Headlights
Renewed O/S/F Lower ball joint, Tie Rod LH/RH, idler bush, steering arms and damper
Carried out steering geometry, adjusted as required
4 x Alloys wheels refurbished/painted
Flushed/renewed self levelling suspension fluid
Renewed both washer pumps
Replaced brake fluid
Removed and fixed drivers seat lift mechanism
Installed Parrot Bluetooth Car Kit
November/December 2008
Mileage - 88,809 km's
Nov - New front tyres - 235/40R18 VRED Sessanta XL 95Y
Dec - New rear tyres - 265/35r18 VRED Sessanta XL 97Y
February 2009 - Job Number 1203 ( Auto Elite Hull - )
Mileage - 91,581 km's
Tracker Monitor Unit fitted
February 2009 - Job Number 1206 ( Auto Elite Hull - )
Mileage - 91,581 km's
Carried out small oil service & inspection, filters
Renewed both front lower arm bushes, N/S/F Lower ball joint
Renewed both front shock absorbers, mountings, spacar, rubber buffers, boots, shims
Renewed front springs with Brabus road springs
Renewed headlight connections
Fixed gear change lights
Brabus door pins and pedals fitted
Idle switched repaired
Renewed oil dipstick
April 2009 - Job Number 1319 ( Auto Elite Hull - )
Mileage - 95,862 km's
Removed sunroof/head liner
Renewed slide lift mechanism, realigned, lubed, refitted sunroof
Renewed air intake temp sensor
Renewed washer level sensor
Removed all A/C Pipes
Flushed all A/C pipes and units
Renewed A/C Pump, VAC System, charged 4 times, to flush fully
Removed Throttle body, cleaned and renewed gasket
November 2009 - Nov 2010 ( Macleods of Brigg - 01652 658216 )
Mileage - 97,000 km's
Renewed Upper Wiring harness
Car was away for a full year, (see below comments regarding this)
November 2010 - January 2011 ( S & D Transmissions Doncaster )
Road test vehicle to diagnose problem with reverse gear, ratio concern and late 2-3 upshift
Removed Transmission, complete strip down and report
Fully reman 722-300 Transmission fittin OE overhaul kit, friction & steeel kit, B1, B2 brake bands, F2 freewheel clutch, flush T.C and cooler lines, refitted to vehicle, filled fresh fluid, set vacuum line pressure and road tested
Body Work - Interior
The body work is in fantastic condition for its age. There is some small parts of paint flaking from the front bumper here and there but not really noticeable
I cannot find any rust on her at all
The car needs a real good valet and wax to be honest as I only got the car back a few weeks ago after it had been away for over a year and probably not washed once
The interior again is in great condition, back seats still do not look they have ever been used
The center box console where you can put coins or whatever needs re-securing and the leather around the centre pillars, drivers side between the drivers seat and rear passenger seat has come away slightly also
I have a personal plate on the car which is not included in the sale
Security - The car has a tracker fitted, membership is up for renewel and can be transferred to the new owner at cost £149.00

Come and see for yourself
Pictures of Car
I will be putting more pictures on the add, when I get round to it. The older pictures are the ones where the car has the wheels unpainted ( so silver alloy ) and some of these pictures are from the original advertisement when I bought the car in 2007

The car can be viewed at any time. Its is not taxed or tested at the moment and is declared Sorn
The car is advertised elsewhere so I reserve the right to end this listing at any time, with or without bids
Payment will only be accepted by bank transfer, cash or cheque and only released once full payment has cleared
A 20% deposit will secure the car until full payment is made
If full payment is not made within a reasonable time of 2 weeks and no longer, then I reserve the right to re-advertise the car and keep a % of the deposit for loss of advertising fees and re-listing fees
Feel free to pm me.
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