For those 'I hate cyclist' moments

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A cyclist may not have insurance but that just means they should pay for any damage out of their own pocket.
Or get a membership with British Cycling. Then you're insured for such things.
The real irony is that many cyclists and motorcyclists are often taken out by drivers who just 'did not see them'. In this case, the cyclist 'did not see' the stationary vehicle.

So, what if the cyclist had been driving a truck? Or say the cyclist was approaching another cyclist travelling slower?

The cyclist should think themselves lucky they hit a stationary vehicle instead of someone else. God gave us eyes to use, and cyclists are no exception. They have a duty of care to other roads users just like the rest of us.
A friend of my neighbour did exactly this, apart from as he's not as fat as the chap in the video he was going rather quicker .

On a downhill he ran into the back of a land rover defender parked half in a gateway, half on the road (legally), with it's tailgate open.

Poor bugger broke his back!

The fault was put on the land rover owner by the cyclist, but they got nowhere as the farmer was parked legally.

As an aside, on my way home from work yesterday I actually saw a cyclist not dressed in black!!!!! He was wearing a yellow Lycra onsie or whatever you call them, but no Frickin lights on an unlit country road. I did wonder if he made it home.
Thanks. Started my day nicely. :D

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