For those who think a Cat D is "light" damage..

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Didn't know about that Bob, that's a lot more easier for the general populace to understand and stops people advertising Cat D's as only having "light" damage.
And would you want to drive it knowing it had been clumped that hard...
Well I suspect that car has slipped through and is a cat the car is twisted,could it be repaired economically ,no,but many cat d cars can be repaired easily and make fine cheap vehicles,more importantly they nearly all have low mileage ,but it is a personal choice.
I didn't think it was about the amount of damage, it was the cost of the damage relative to the value of the car. - So a more expensive car requires more extensive damage to write it off.
You would have to be brave to fill that up with juice after being repaired !
Isn`t stolen/ recovered cat D too?
Isn`t stolen/ recovered cat D too?

No, but cars like this, once repaired, often end up being advertised as "stolen/recovered hence Cat D".
Stolen is stolen & Cat D is a car that has been damaged.
I got a funny feeling that it will be advertised later on in the year once it has been repaired as "Cat D, only needed a rear bumper".

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