For what is used this connector and this relay?

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Aug 22, 2008
Hi all,
I comeback, i have detected in the front face behind left fire a big connector and i relay, i hope that any one know for what is used both of theme?

connector could be diagnostics port?
It isnt a diag port.

Not sure what it is?
If it isn't straightforward for anyone, try to find the part numbers from connector housings and post the wire colours (preferably including connector pin numbers).
It looks very like some sort of car alarm wiring.
Possibly the remnants of a split charging system?
Has your car ever had a towbar fitted?
The colour coding of the wires would indicate some sort of AFTERMARKET equipment-- possibly an alarm as Nick and Ian suggest. I would leave it alone since trying to remove it might cause problems.
It may have been in the past, and what you seen is the remains.

Probably because i never seen like this system in a Classe C250TD and relay was be installed to activate or not this alarm, may be :eek:

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