Ford Fiesta - fuel pump fuse regularly blowing. Why?

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Nov 30, 2011
2012 S350L BlueTec
Hi all,

To save me joining a Fiesta forum and asking the question there, I thought I'd ask it here first and I'm sure I'll get the answer...

I have a T-reg Fiesta (1.25 petrol). Very reliable, nothing major has gone wrong in the 100,000 miles I've done in it. But 3 times recently the 10amp fuse for the fuel pump has blown and has cut the engine out. It starts again but then cuts out again after a couple of seconds. Easy enough to replace the fuse and its all fine again....for another couple of weeks then the same thing will happen.

Been told the filter possibly needs replacing. Anybody have any ideas why this fuse keeps blowing? :dk:
Possibly because the filter needs to be replaced?!
The fuse blows as too much current is drawn through for it to maintain its structural integrity.

The too much current comes from the fuel pump working too hard pushing fuel through a blocked filter.
New fuel filter seems to have done the trick for now. Thanks all.
Most high pressure electric fuel pumps are of the "immersed" type- that is the moving parts are bathed in the fuel they pump. This constantly moving liquid cools the pump and prevents it overheating. Restrict the output or throttle the input and the pump has to work harder----- there's not enough fuel flowing to keep it cool ---it starts to overheat- draws more current and blows a fuse.

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