Ford Focus 2.0 Zetec Estate

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Rose Chap

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Mar 16, 2005
Lexus GS450h
Ford Focus 2.0 Petrol Zetec Estate

Metropolis Blue
Black Cloth
82,318 miles
11 Months MOT (expires May 9th 2010)
Road Tax (expires end October 2009)
Air Conditioning
Electric Front Windows
Electric Wing Mirrors
Alloy Wheels
Traction Control
Service History
All Previous MOT Certificates










I'm selling this car on behalf of my sister and brother in law, who have recently emigrated. The registration certificate (still with the DVLA at the time of writing) has been transferred to me to make the selling process easier. This should arrive soon.

Lots of pictures of the car can be found here...
Focus pictures by CaptainBadass99 - Photobucket

This car was first registered on the 21st September 2001. My sister bought this car in May 2006 for £5400, with 49,000 miles on the clock. In the three years since then it's been dependable family transport for them and their two young children. They've covered just over 30,000 miles in three years, and the car has a fully stamped service history up to 62,000 miles. Since then ad-hoc servicing has been carried out at MOT time (May), including oil changes.

By their own admission, the only things my sister and brother in law had to do to the car during the time they owned it was to put it through MOTs. It's been a very, very reliable and solid family transport.

Engine and Transmission
It has the torquey 2.0 petrol engine, and traction control. The gearbox is a 5 speed manual, and the change is as smooth as it should be.
All the alloys are in very good condition, with only one showing minor evidence of kerbing - pretty impressive given the age. All tyres have plenty of tread left and the car tracks straight.
Note from the pictures that I've not cleaned the engine bay. Whilst it's a bit dusty, you can see that there are no dodgy oil marks, fluid leaks, or anything else I'm attempting to disguise by presenting it as suspiciously clean!

Body Condition
The car is painted in Ford Metropolis Blue, this is metallic colour and looks very nice. There are few minor scratches to the car consistent with it's age which would probably machine polish out. There is also a small hole in the front bumper and some rubbing marks too. Purely cosmetic but included here to show good faith.
Looking down the sides of the car reveal no dents, dings, or rippling. Hopefully the pictures will demonstrate this.

Interior Condition
The interior of the car is black cloth, and whilst this is in good condition for the age and mileage, remember this has been a family car so the seats are no strangers to curious fingers covered in banana yoghurt. I'm sure that a deep clean would get all these marks out completely, but as it is there are a few small marks, though no actual damage to the fabric. Again I mention this in order to be totally honest.

A genuine Ford 6 disc CD/RDS radio is fitted and the sound is very clear. The wing mirrors are electrically operated, as are the front windows.
Air conditioning is fitted and blows very cold, so will not need regassing.

How Much?
To be honest I know very little about Fords so went online to find what it should be worth. The Parkers link is here...
2001/51 Ford Focus Estate 2.0 Zetec 5d Valuation - Parker's

Given the car is basically in sound condition barring a few minor items I've detailed above, I think £1,950 is a fair price, though I am open to offers.
I live in St. Neots in Cambridgeshire, approximately 10 minutes from the A1.

Please email [email protected] or PM me if you're interested or would like further information.

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