Ford sierra sapphire rs cosworth: Ph heroes

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Lovely aren't they,When I bought my 124 the vender had a wrapped up in the same garage 56k miles and looked very very nice.His story was when his parents arranged his marriage he wasn't mega keen on there selection so asked for the cossie as a sweetner.
Unmolested rs500 with low miles probably better investment than property in knights bridge lol
Great article Don
Fantastic cars back in the day. I still love all the fords...
But the original RS sierra is my favourite. We were at the croxley green show a few weeks ago and a young lad pulled up in a very nice unmolested example. It was totally gorg !!!!!
We had a red 3 door at work..........lovely car, but I always preferred the 4 door 4WD, much more subtle and was a back doubles warrior.
They used to eat diffs and gearboxes :)

The engine was one of the most sought after at that time,
there was a unhealthy black market for them ............
and we would refuse to work on any "unaccountable" ones.

The Saffy was my preferred choice in mettalic Purple iirc
An '87 Sierra RS (stage 1 270bhp) was the first car I was in, in U.K. to get pulled by the cops. 106mph on the M4 past Reading heading for Wales, the cops were being rather nice as couple miles back we were doing far more than that. Ah, those were the days! :D
Mmmmmm.....memories, the very first one ;)

I had a 2wd Saph cossie running 320BHP, tuned by BBR - a bit of a laugh, their 400+BHP mogul was insane, given the weight of the sierra at the time. ****** off lots of superbikes at the time IIRC
Isn't my cup of tea I rather like the rs1800
Mk1 escort with the UK best bda engine all the the rest of them didn't live up to that imho .

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Isn't my cup of tea I rather like the rs1800
Mk1 escort with the UK best bda engine all the the rest of them didn't live up to that imho .

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Haha......we had the RS1800 AWD MkIII Escort on test for a while, I took it up to the NEC and back via a very long way back :D

Was kinda like a Ford version of the Lancia Intergrale......such fun as Miranda's Mum would say ;)
I have owned mine for 5 years now, mine is a early one on a 'E' plate. The 4wd came out on 'H' plate. Mine was restored 7 years ago by the previous owner. I have a rolling road print out for mine and it did 497bhp at the flywheel. Its by far the most reliable thing but when it is running it is very hairy. The wet is a big no, i dont take it out in the wet but was cought out last year. Very laggy but when it comes on boost all hell lets loose with no traction and rear wheel drive. I will try and get some pictures up over the weekend.
I had two sapphires back in the day. One of them a burgundy 4x4 and the other a white RWD that I took to Servern Valley for them to do their thing with. Ended up with 424hp and it was quite the fun car.

I swapped that for an Escort (with the big turbo) but only kept it a month as it was horrible and laggy to drive after the two sapphs.
I was filling my 190 2.5 Cosworth in Slough yesterday and a nice old chap came up to admire it, as he knew Cosworth had done the head work on the engine etc. Turns out he owns three Ford Cosworths, one Sapphire and two Sierra RS. I did tell him they were getting valuable but he had no interest in that!
I paid £6000 for mine 20 years ago, ran it for a few years then sold it for £6000 and they still fetch the same amount now :crazy:

4" stainless scorpion exhaust that used to ground out with a "ching" from 1st to 2nd........ah the fangita that car used to get me in my youth :D


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