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Jun 10, 2008
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Sorry had to edit this a little as the original post gave away a little bit too much information as I think the guy was doing this in his works time :)

Long story short, a fellow Forum member came to my rescue and repaired my burst fuel line SEE THIS THREAD on my drive this morning. Turns out it was someone I had helped out a while ago when we had the Motorsport business he saw my plight and wanted to return the favour.

As I always say treat others as you would like to be treat yourself and if you can help anyone out by doing them a good turn then do so, one day (like me) you may get the favour returned.

So Mr X I know you are reading this and wish to remain anonymous for work reasons, but you are a true gent and have saved me a whole load of hassle,

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There should be more guys around like him.
Well done that man

You liking it over here Bazzer?
Ian, this must be your just reward for helping me on several occasions.
I hope I can repay your kindness one day. :)
You're on. :thumb:
This sounds like a plan shall we put a date on it? In canada rest of this week though :thumb:
Happy to meet when you Paul and the rest of the gang are.

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